Calc Your Price

Calc Your Price allows you to easily calculate the final price of the goods and savings based on discounts and your local tax rate.


  • Fast and easy Price Calculator
  • Automatic Tax Calculator
  • Store sale items in your cart to calculate total savings for the shopping trip
  • Save shopping list to open and view it in the future
  • US State Sales Tax Rates table


Christmas Gifts

Christmas is coming! Make your friends and relatives happy with your presents together with Christmas Gifts!


  • Detailed summary of gifts and budget data
  • Live Christmas countdown
  • Gift recipients with photos from your Picture Hub
  • View your gifts list and check off items as you purchase them
  • Specify your planned budget and budget for each Person


Currency Tile

Currency Tile offers exchange rates for 150 currencies from around the world. A built-in calculator allows for math calculations.


  • Live Tile currencies rates
  • Currency Charts with both landscape and portrait orientations
  • 150 currencies from around the world
  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Built-in convenient calculator
  • Favorite currencies
  • Regional format support

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