Christmas Gifts

Christmas is coming! Make your friends and relatives happy with your presents together with Christmas Gifts! Christmas Gifts allows you to create a friends list and add a present to each of them. You can plan your total budget and the budget for each person.

Plan your presents, buy, wrap and send them to your friends! You can do all that with the help of Christmas Gifts with enables to keep a complete record of a gift – from its planning to sending to a friend. With Christmas Gifts you’ll be aware of the detailed shopping analyses: planned budget, actual budget, how many gifts are left to buy/wrap/send, money spent on a gift. Christmas Gifts will inform you in case you exceed your planned budget.

You’ll always know how many days are left before Christmas thanks to built-in Christmas Countdown.

With Christmas Gifts you’ll remember to make all your friends happy with some presents.

Excellent budgeting, easy-to-use interface and beautiful design with panorama experience you’ll get that all with Christmas Gifts!



  • Detailed summary of gifts and budget data
  • Live Christmas countdown
  • Gift recipients with photos from your Picture Hub
  • You can specify gift price, gift recipient, notes and mark it as “Need to Mail” and “Need to Wrap”
  • View your gifts list and check off items as you purchase them
  • Specify your planned budget and budget for each Person
  • As you add a gift to a person, your budget totals will let you know how much money is left


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